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Step on in Japan, step on in China, as a result, lack of presidential skills. I raised my employees and all graduated. I learned what people are, what management is, and what the world is.

Currently 45 years old, about 50 years left. I want to make cool things so that I don't have to regret what I want to make.

Technology is what makes time for people to focus on what they care about. It is definitely me that changes the world.

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No matter what you do, it doesn't work well, quit the university, quit the band, the convenience store's part-time job. A band formed in a session with a selling friend happens to hit. The name is "glass section".

PI felt that something was born in me. I felt that a seed was born that could continue in me.

Not only the program, not only the music, not only the image, not only the AI, not only the design, I would like to continue to make Nanica stuck deep in the mind of people.

With that in mind, one employee now has 10 employees in the 14th year of establishment. I'm still crawling from here.

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Labo Project

We are looking for a trial project that no one has ever done. Consultation can also be made on remuneration.

Cool Design

Easy-to-understand and memorable design. You can not forget it.

Personalized Customize

Developing a system to end work early and have fun with family and her favorite girlfriends.

Passionate production Animation

Create real-time interactive animation using TouchDesigner. Everyone can feel their existence.

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Session band "meganebu" was formed only by leader band friends.I learned the greatness of music deeply. I wanted to create an email address for my fans and I learned the server myself.


Established a company

I did'nt familiar with people's company, decided to be incorporated, entrepreneurship. In the first year of the president, I was tested on that skill. I increased the number of employees one by one and gradually learned about becoming a president.


Advance into China

The first overseas expansion that was an ambition.Since I could not speak Chinese at all, I experienced living abroad for the first time alone, and I thought deeply about Japan from the perspective of the world.


Music Event in China

Held a music event every month to deepen exchanges with Chinese friends. The event was held with Shanghai and Beijing, and I was able to win an evaluation and value that can not be obtained in Japan.


Came back Tokyo

I looked back at what you want to do and return to Tokyo. We will pursue new technology entertainment linked to AI, video, etc., not just web.Cross the language barrier, C ++, I'm studying python etc.

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4-13-11 Nagatsuda Midori-ku Yokohama

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